Hands on Experiences with Glassblowing

Just For Fun

20130426-125950.jpgWork hand in hand with our instructors to make your choice of paperweight, vase or float/ornament. This is a fantastic single or group activity and a wonderful way to make unique hand made gifts.  Please note that the final number of pieces is based on the complexity of the piece being made.  (i.e vases take more time to make than floats).

# of Pieces Approximate Time Total Cost
1 30 minutes $45(offered on select dates and times
1 up to 4 2 hours $180
2 up to 8 2 hours $340 (2 instructors)
2 up to 12 3 hours $480 (2 instructors)

Below are photos of “A Hands on Experience” pieces made by customers.


Here are the types of groups who have participated in the “Hands on Experience”

  • Families (grandparents, parents and children)
  • Friends looking for a fun activity
  • Individuals making unique gifts
  • Dates nights
  • Co-workers looking for a team building activity
  • Students checking out glass blowing
  • Girl Scouts/ School kids looking for to learn about glass
  • Birthday Parties or Holiday Events

We will tailor the event to make the experience you envision come true.  Blow Glass.



At an Atlanta Hot Glass Class

Atlanta Hot Glass offers three types of glassblowing classes: “Glass 101”, “Glass Lab” and “Personalized Sessions”. You choose which one suits your style and your budget. The classes are not exclusive of each other – i.e. you can do one or all.

  • Glass 101 is for beginners. Our professional instructors teach you all basic skills you need to blow glass.
  • The Glass Lab allows a cost effective way to practice your glassblowing skills and meet other enthusiasts. Meeting other glass blowers becomes important when you start renting time as sharing is not only helps with the cost but also provides a ready assistant.
  • Personalized Sessions are key to learning new techniques and focusing on trouble areas. Also, some folks prefer the low student to teacher ratio.


Glass 101

(5 wks, one 3 hr session per week)

Glass 101 is our introductory course in glassblowing. It is a 5 week course that introduces the student to the basic skills necessary to blow glass. Students will learn to use the basic tools of glassblowing, gathering glass, rudimentary shaping of glass and cylindrical forms. Cylinders and teamwork are emphasized.

Cost: $550 per person

Maximum Class Size: 4 students

Number of Students Required: 2

Personalized Glassblowing Sessions

These sessions feature a low student to instructor ratio and allows the instructor to develop a customized curriculum for each student. Learn at your own pace or specify the desire to learn a specific technique. Atlanta Hot Glass has instructors who specialize in areas such as production, sculpting, goblets, casting, etc.

# of Student(s) Time/Session Total Cost/Session
1 3 hours $240
2 3 hours $285
3 3 hours $330
4 4 hours $500

Note: Divide the Total Cost by the number of students to get the cost per student.

Bonus: Sign up for eight weeks of personalized sessions and get a free Level 1 AHG membership which includes a 10% discount


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