Danielle Colon -
Studio Manager & Instructor

Instagram - @dsimonec  
Website - www.daniellecolon.com

From an early age Danielle demonstrated a knack for drawing and artistic creativity. While in high school she participated in the Georgia Governor's Honors Program in 2009 and in that collegiate environment knew she wanted to pursue being a full time artist. Danielle attended Ringling College of Art & Design for a Painting BFA, and it was through the college she was introduced to glass, via a scholarship to Pilchuck Glass School in Washington state. She graduated from RCAD in 2015 with a Painting focus, and her approach to working molten glass is greatly informed by her drawing and painting background. Her main focus is sculpting glass, working with both solid and blown forms to create ethereal shapes representing beauty and fragility. 

Now over a year ago Danielle returned to her home town of ATL to be the Studio Manager at the shop. Her knowledge and skills come from her visits to Pilchuck as both a student and staff member, a four-month internship at UrbanGlass in NYC, and two years as a team member of Duncan McClellan Gallery / DMG School Project in St. Petersburg, FL.